Layout “Equipment and methods of fixing cattle”

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Layout “Equipment and methods of fixing cattle”

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This layout “Equipment and methods of fixing cattle” is a large-scale visualization of real equipment, devices and methods that are used for fixing cattle for the purpose of zootechnical procedures (hoof care, blood collection, insemination, branding). On the layout, animals (cattle) fixed in machines for carrying out zootechnical procedures in a standing and recumbent position that are displayed at the appropriate scale in compliance with all proportions.

The layout is mounted on a base with an information field and a protective transparent hood (dome) that is designed to protect against dust and mechanical damage.

The information field contains the basic rules for fixing cattle.

The layout is made with a high degree of realism and detail in compliance with all proportions and scales, the color scheme of all elements of the layout is as close as possible to the original.

The model is a visual training tool for studying equipment, devices and methods of fixing cattle during zootechnical procedures, and can also be used as an exhibition element of a presentation complex.


  1. Layout
  2. Base with information field
  3. Protective cap (dome)

Passport of product

16 mm chipboard, polyvinyl chloride, organic glass, polystyrene, cold-cured plastic, impact-resistant polystyrene, two-component plastic

Dimensions, mm:
1000 x 400 x 400

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