About us

The science and technical center “Solution” develops and produces educational equipment for private and public educational institutions – kindergartens, schools, technical schools, colleges, universities.

Our strong advantage comes from the complete production cycle and vast experience.

Combined they allow prompt execution of manufacturing orders and most favorable conditions on the market.

Brief history

Progressive specialists who decided to bring the quality and service to a higher level founded our company. This is a team of professionals who have worked for more than 10 years in large production companies and objectively assess the Russian market for educational equipment. United in one team, we have taken into account the shortcomings and shortcomings of our colleagues and strive to provide services at a qualitatively new level. The main superiority of our team is EFFICIENCY.

Our principle: prompt response-prompt assistance-prompt SOLUTION (in rus Reshenie).

Our capabilities

  • quickly and efficiently solve any technical issue regarding the equipment of classrooms and laboratories,
  • produce high-quality and reliable training equipment as quickly as possible and without loss of quality,
  • solve any non-standard customer’s task, produce products according to an individual non-standard project,
  • in case of warranty obligations, perform them completely and in the shortest possible time.

Company reputation

Credibility of our company was built over years of manufacturing experience and proved by satisfied customers feedback and reputation in the industry – we are often invited to assist the execution of the most complex side orders. Despite the large number of projects, we never got a single complaint.

We invite you to cooperate

Our company warmly welcomes every new customer and delivers high-quality equipment worldwide.

We are open for cooperation in any format – either direct sales or participation in tenders as consortium.

The company’s goals state high-quality presence on the market along with social responsibility. We actively cooperate with charities with our special conditions.

We partner with a wide number of trading companies and look forward for new proposals.