Cattle Delivery Simulator

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Cattle Delivery simulator

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This simulator is designed for conducting practical classes on calving a cow with students of the veterinary medicine course.

The simulator is made in the form of the back of the body of a cow on a scale of 1:1, inside which a mock-up of the fetus is placed. A removable section is provided in the simulator to monitor the process of carrying out measures for maternity care and placing the fetus in the simulator. The design of the layout of the fetus allows you to work out the adoption of calving with various options for the presentation of the fetus. The simulator is made with high anatomical accuracy using materials that simulates the living tissue of an animal. For convenient placement in the audience, the complex is installed on a mobile platform.


  1. Cattle delivery simulator
  2. Calf simulator
  3. Gloves (1 pair)
  4. Lubricant (1 bottle)

Passport of product

5 mm polyvinyl chloride, two-component cold-cured plastic, silicone, dacron, polyurethane, 15 mm MDF platform

Dimensions, mm:
1400 x 900 x 1700

Weight, kg: