Laparoscopic Surgical Skill Trainer

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Laparoscopic Surgical Skill Trainer

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The simulator is a universal complex that includes a manipulation box with port holes for the introduction of laparoscopic instruments, a platform for placing soft tissues, a high-resolution camera, a control tablet computer and a screen mounted on a movable mobile stand.

The simulator provides an opportunity to train the following skills:

  • psychomotor skills;
  • the use of laparoscopic instruments;
  • performing basic surgical procedures followed by an objective assessment.

The box body provides the ability to conduct training in two modes:

  • with the possibility of direct optical control;
  • with the operating field closed from direct observation.

The design of the manipulation box provides quick and easy access when replacing components used in the classroom for laparoscopic operations. The body has 12 ports for endosurgical instruments located on both side surfaces of the box. The pallet of the box is equipped with a fastening system that allows you to fix various simulators for endosurgical exercises, including biological materials.

The high-resolution digital camera is equipped with a mount that allows you to change the angle of inclination and the location of the shooting inside the manipulation box.

The supplied software and the built-in video capture system allow assessing the subject’s actions through such indicators as (for the right and left hands separately):

  • total distance (cm);
  • dominance (percentage);
  • speed (cm / s);
  • time of movement of the tool outside the panel (s);
  • tremor (mm / s);
  • twitching (cm);
  • total time (s);
  • tool distance (cm).

The stand for the monitor and the junction box is equipped with a bracket that allows you to change the height, angle, and tilt of the monitor screen, as well as ports for connecting a high-resolution digital camera and a junction box.

The complex is intended for use in medical educational institutions.

Complete set:

  1. A training complex for practicing the skills of endosurgical manipulations.
  2. Endosurgery simulator set


  1. Product passport
  2. Manual

Polyurethane, silicone, plastic