Pleural puncture simulator

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Pleural puncture simulator

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The simulator is a model of the chest of an adult male with the proximal thirds of the arms raised.

The chest wall has the following layers:

  • leather;
  • muscles;
  • ribs;
  • lungs.

There are two openings on the right side of the chest to demonstrate the anatomical structure.

The physical properties of the model material are close to real values.

Functional features:

  • in the upper left part of the chest in the second intercostal space along the midclavicular line, there is a site for decompression with tension pneumothorax;
  • area for surgical introduction of a drainage tube for hydrothorax in the fifth intercostal space along the middle axillary line on the left;
  • the possibility of filling the bag with a liquid that simulates pleural effusion;
  • the ability to change the color, volume and density of the liquid by adding a powder that imitates blood;
  • pressure to simulate tension pneumothorax is generated mechanically.

The simulator is intended for use in medical educational institutions.

Complete set:
Pleural Puncture Trainer


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Polyurethane, silicone