Clinical Female Pelvic Simulator

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Clinical Female Pelvic Simulator

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The simulator is a model of the lower half of the female torso with proximal fragments of the thighs, it is designed to master the practice of gynecological examination.

The material from which the simulator is made is close to natural values in its physical properties, which creates maximum realism when performing manipulations. Replaceable components have a modular system, that allows the simulator to be used with various combinations of pathologies and to create custom training tasks.

Depending on the selected configuration, the simulator includes:

  • norm (cervix of the nulliparous woman);
  • large fibroma (cervix of the nulliparous woman with ectropion);
  • small fibroma (the cervix of an nulliparous woman with a polyp);
  • ovarian cysta (the cervix of a multiparous woman);
  • uterus in retroversion (the cervix of a multiparous woman);
  • uterus at 10-12 weeks of pregnancy;
  • uterus at 14-16 weeks of pregnancy.

Functional characteristics:

  • palpable, realistic models of the uterus with ovaries and fallopian tubes;
  • laparoscopic visualization and fallopian tube occlusion;
  • realistic urethra and bladder for practicing catheterization skills;
  • probing of the uterus using real instruments;
  • replaceable vulva for additional sets;
  • smooth, elastic skin.
  • the ischium and coccyx.
  • realistic models of the uterus and cervix.

The simulator allows you to practice your skills:

  • learning the anatomy of the female pelvis and corresponding landmarks;
  • finger examination of the vagina;
  • bimanual vaginal and abdominal examination;
  • taking swabs from the cervix;
  • pelvic rectal examination;
  • cervix examination in speculum.

The simulator is intended for use in medical educational institutions.


Simulator for clinical examination of female pelvic organs with a set of pathology models


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Polyurethane, silicone.