Obstetric Examination Simulator

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Obstetric Examination Simulator

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The simulator is a model of a pregnant woman’s torso with proximal fragments of the lower extremities. The relief and anatomical structure of the anterior abdominal wall is reproduced, the natural significance of the physical properties of the model is provided. The simulator allows you to practice antenatal diagnostic methods, including Leopold’s techniques, fetal auscultation and pelviometry.

Functional features:

  • palpable fetal head, buttocks and torso;
  • anatomical landmarks: pubic symphysis, navel, xiphoid process, iliac crest, greater trochanter;
  • the distance from the fetal head to the pubic symphysis is adjustable;
  • the ability to simulate several options for the location of the fetus, its presentation;
  • fetal heartbeat sounds recorded from real patients;
  • The heart rate is regulated in the range from 60 to 180 bpm.

The simulator is intended for use in medical educational institutions.


Phantom for obstetric examination


  1. Product passport
  2. Manual

Silicone, polyurethane

Dimensions, mm:
600 x 300 x 300

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