Vaginal instrumental delivery simulator

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Vaginal instrumental delivery simulator

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The simulator is a model of the lower half of the female torso with proximal fragments of the thighs and is intended for mastering the practice of obstetrics, demonstrating the passage of the fetal head through the birth canal.

The model reproduces:

  • birth canal;
  • external female genital organs;
  • ilium bones;
  • pubic joint.

In terms of its physical properties, the material of the simulator is as close as possible to its natural values. The model allows you to reliably recreate the tactile sensations of a doctor during obstetric aids and manipulations.

Functional features:

  • the movement of the fetal head during the imitation of the birth process is carried out manually;
  • palpable sutures and fontanelles;
  • childbirth with cephalic presentation;
  • childbirth with cephalic presentation.

The simulator is intended for use in medical educational institutions.

Complete set :

  1. Female Pelvis Model
  2. Fetal head


  1. Product passport
  2. Manual

Polyurethane, Silicone, 2K Cold Cure Plastic

Dimensions , mm:
300 x 470 x 250

Weight, kg: