Simulator for intramuscular injections (hip)

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Simulator for intramuscular injections (hip)

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This simulator is a model of the proximal fragment of the lower limb of a person. It is intended to mastering the practical skills of intramuscular injections into the thigh and displaying all important anatomical landmarks, such as the kneecap and large trochanter.

To achieve feedback and an objective assessment of the intramuscular injection technique, the simulator kit includes a controller that allows you to evaluate the needle insertion site and the depth of the injection by giving sound and light signals when the manipulation is performed correctly and incorrectly.

The material of the simulator according to its physical properties is close to natural values, that creates maximum realism when performing manipulations.

The simulator is intended for using by students of universities and medical colleges in the course of accreditation.


  1. Model of the lower limb fragment
  2. Electric controller
  3. AA type power supply (2 pcs.)
  4. Injection kit
  5. Transport bag


  1. Passport of product
  2. User Manual

Silicone, polyurethane.

Dimensions, mm:
500 x 180 x 120

Weight, kg: