Simulator-dummy for practicing nursing skills and measuring blood pressure

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Simulator-dummy for practicing nursing skills and measuring blood pressure

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This simulator-dummy is an adult torso with upper and lower limbs and it is designed to practice the skills of general patient care, as well as measuring blood pressure.

Possibility of carrying out a complex of medical measures:

  1. washing your hair and face;
  2. washing the ears and eyes, instilling drops;
  3. gastric lavage;
  4. oral care;
  5. sputum suction;
  6. feeding through the mouth and nasal probe;
  7. injections into the deltoid muscle;
  8. enema setting;
  9. urethral catheterization;
  10. stoma care;
  11. patient transportation;
  12. blood pressure measurement;
  13. change of clothes.

Anatomical features of the simulator-dummy:

  1. the size of the torso and the proportions are similar to the physique of an adult;
  2. flexible limbs;
  3. change of genitals.

The dummy is designed to improve the effectiveness of training students and practitioners in passing certification and accreditation. The simulator-dummy was developed under the accreditation program “Nursing”.


  1. Dummy (torso, head, upper and lower limbs)
  2. Upper limb for blood pressure measurement
  3. Tablet computer
  4. Power supply unit
  5. Sphygmomanometer simulator
  6. Hand model stand
  7. Tracksuit
  8. Catheter

Passport of product

3 mm Polyvinyl Chloride, ABS Polyvinyl chloride, Polyurethane

Dimensions, mm:
1800 x 600 x 250

Weight, kg: