Female Perineum Simulator for Bladder Catheterization

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Female Perineum Simulator for Bladder Catheterization

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This simulator is an anatomically right model of the lower torso of a woman with external genitals. It is intended for practicing the skills of catheterization of the bladder with the function of monitoring the actions performed. The simulator has a built-in fluid reservoir and a valve that imitates the internal urethral sphincter that holds fluid in the bladder.

When the catheter is inserted correctly, fluid will be removed from the bladder. The simulator allows you to feel a realistic effort when moving the catheter.

External genitals are replaceable.


  1. Female perineum trainer
  2. Catheter

Passport of product

Polyurethane, ABS Polyvinyl chloride, MDF

Dimensions, mm:
450 x 280 x 145

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