Colonoscopy Skills Trainer

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Colonoscopy Skills Trainer

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The simulator is a model of the human lower torso and includes detailed clinical anatomy of all parts of the colon. The model contains various pathologies – polyps and neoplasms. The material from which the simulator is made is close to natural values ​​in its physical properties.

The elasticity of the material allows for various options for laying the colon, which makes it possible to practice the skills of colonoscopy of varying degrees of complexity. With the help of a manual pump, it is possible to reproduce the contraction of the anus, which gives a realistic picture when performing manipulations.

Simulator skills:

  • conducting an endoscope through the colon, including the hepatic and splenic angles;
  • polypectomy;
  • biopsy of neoplasms.

The simulator is intended for use in medical educational institutions and for the accreditation of specialists.

Complete set :
Colonoscopy Skills Trainer


  1. Product passport
  2. Manual

Polyurethane, silicone