Dental Simulator

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Dental Simulator

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The dental simulator is an autonomous workplace of a dentist and it includes:

  1. The model of the human head with a built-in adjustable articulator is mounted on a universal hinge support with a system of attachment to the table. The upper part of the head of the simulator is fixed by a knee-lever mechanism. The replacement of dental models in the simulator is performed using two spherical retainers, which ensures their quick replacement. The outer cover of the head model is made of elastic material.
  2. The dental model of the upper and lower jaws that installed in the simulator anatomically corresponds to the dental apparatus of an adult. The closure of the teeth is performed in a stable occlusion and includes a set of 32 removable teeth with a screw attachment.

The following anatomical features are displayed:

  • interdental spaces;
  • chewing surfaces and the structure of the crowns;
  • gums and palate;
  • front teeth.
  1. Mobile table with a system for storing educational material.
  2. Mobile dental unit with built-in compressor, equipped with real dental instruments.

The dental simulator is aimed for use by students and residents of universities and medical colleges in the course of accreditation.


  1. Model of the human head
  2. Mobile table
  3. Mobile dental unit
  4. The Chair
  5. Shadowless lamp


  1. The passport of the product
  2. The user Manual

Chipboard 16 mm., polyurethane, two-component cold-cured plastic, ABS plastic

Dimensions, mm:
1600 x 600 x 1500

Weight, kg: