Simulator-mannequin of a child for practicing CPR

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Simulator-mannequin of a child for practicing CPR

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Interactive simulator-a child’s dummy for practicing the skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

This dummy simulator is an anatomical model of a child up to one year old, designed to practice the skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation with the ability to control the exercises performed using a built-in light-dynamic unit.

The dummy simulator has a realistic movable connection of the body with the head, as well as upper and lower limbs. The design of the mannequin body provides details and nodes in the form of anatomical landmarks (chest, xiphoid process of the sternum) for the correct implementation of resuscitation measures.

The simulator is designed to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for carrying out the following complex of resuscitation measures:

  • performing indirect heart massage (as employees act, automatic control of the position of the hands, effort and rhythmicity of the impact on the chest of the victim is performed);
  • performing artificial lung ventilation (ventilator) in a “mouth-to-mouth” way.

The control of the corresponding exercises is provided by a built-in unit that informs with the help of a light and sound indication about the correctness of lung ventilation in terms of volume, depth of compressions and the location of the hands.


  • Mannequin (torso, head, upper and lower limbs)
  • Body
  • Carrying bag


  • Passport of product
  • Methodological recommendations

Polyurethane, ABS, PVC, Two-component plastic

Dimensions, mm:
570 x 280 x 140

Weight, kg:

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