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Wound Simulation Kit

SKU: M1025

Wound Simulation Kit

Price: 233.68

The set contains simulations:

  • An open fracture of the humerus;
  • Open hip fracture;
  • First-, second-, third-degree burns of the brush;
  • First-, second-degree frostbite brush;
  • Open fracture of the forearm;
  • Closed fracture of the lower leg;
  • penetrating wounds of the abdominal cavity with dropped loops of the intestine;
  • Torn-bruised foot wounds;
  • Open fracture of the lower jaw;
  • Closed fracture of the forearm;
  • Closed hip fracture;
  • Penetrating wound to the chest;
  • Open fracture of the lower leg;
  • Closed fracture of the shoulder;
  • Closed fracture of the clavicle;
  • Open fracture of the clavicle;
  • Fracture of the base of the skull;
  • Open fracture of the metacarpal bones with partial traumatic amputation.

The kit is intended for use with training mannequins for developing first aid skills.

Our experts will assist you in the preparation of tender documentation for auctions and tenders.

List equipment on a single order:

  • Wounds – 1 set (18 wounds);
  • Case for transportation and storage – 1 piece;
  • Passport – 1 piece.