Obstetric simulator

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Obstetric simulator

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This simulator is a model of the lower half of the female torso with proximal fragments of the thighs. It is intended for mastering the practice of obstetric care, practicing obstetric skills, and Leopold’s techniques. The simulator includes a model of a fetus with a placenta and an umbilical cord and a removable pad that simulates the perineum.

The simulator has the following anatomical landmarks:

  • vertebral column;
  • angle of the birth canal;
  • iliac and sciatic bones;
  • sacrum;
  • pubic joint;
  • sacro-spinous ligaments.

The material of the simulator in its physical properties is close to the natural values. The anatomy and structure of the birth canal ensure the passage of the dummy of the full-term fetus.

Functional features:

  • removable front wall;
  • the movement of the fetus during the simulation of the birth process is carried out manually;
  • the presence of the physiological volume of movements of the limbs in the fetus;
  • additional transparent shell for direct observation of the progress of the fetus;
  • palpable sutures and fontanels;
  • childbirth with a head facial presentation;
  • childbirth with a head occipital presentation;
  • delivery with pelvic presentation;
  • vacuum extraction of the fetus;
  • obstetric techniques for shoulder dystocia;
  • birth of the placenta;
  • postnatal care.

The simulator can be used by students of universities and medical colleges in the course of accreditation.


  1. Model of the female pelvis
  2. The skin of the anterior abdominal wall (opaque)
  3. The skin of the anterior abdominal wall (transparent)
  4. Full-term fetus dummy
  5. The placenta model
  6. Set of umbilical cord models
  7. Clips for the umbilical cord model (6pcs)
  8. Replaceable vulva model
  9. Powder for dilution of simulated blood
  10. Operating instructions


  1. Passport of product
  2. User Manual

Polyurethane, plastisol, silicone, two-component cold-cured plastic

Dimensions, mm:
410 x 470 x 280

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