Advanced gynecological simulator

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Advanced gynecological simulator

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The simulator is a model of the lower half of the female torso with proximal fragments of the thighs and is intended for mastering the practice of gynecological examination.

The material from which the simulator is made, in terms of its physical properties, is close to natural values, which creates maximum realism when performing manipulations. Replaceable components have a modular system, so the simulator can be used with various combinations of pathologies and create your own training tasks.

Depending on the selected configuration, the simulator includes:

  • uterus in anteversion position;
  • retroverted uterus;
  • transparent uterus for IUD insertion;
  • uterus of a pregnant woman:
    • 6-8 weeks;
    • 6-8 weeks with short ovarian ligaments;
    • 10-12 weeks;
    • 20 weeks.
  • 5 necks of the uterus without pathologies;
  • 6 uterine necks with pathologies;
  • cervix of a pregnant woman:
    • 3 pcs. with a period of 6-8 weeks;
    • 3 pcs. with a period of 10-12 weeks.

Functional characteristics:

  • palpable, realistic models of the uterus with ovaries and fallopian tubes;
  • laparoscopic imaging and occlusion of the fallopian tubes;
  • realistic urethra and bladder for practicing catheterization skills;
  • probing of the uterus using real instruments;
  • replaceable vulva for additional kits;
  • smooth elastic skin;
  • ischium and tailbone;
  • realistic models of the uterus and cervix.

The simulator allows you to practice skills:

  • research using speculum;
  • bimanual examination;
  • mini-laparotomy;
  • bladder catheterization;
  • uterine sounding;
  • the introduction of the IUD.

Complete set:
Advanced gynecological simulator

Documentation :

  1. Product passport
  2. Manual

Polyurethane, silicone