Simulator-dummy for practicing full-height CPR “Roman-07”

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Simulator-dummy for practicing full-height CPR “Roman-07”

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The simulator-dummy simulates the human body with anatomical landmarks (imitation of the cervical spine, chest, xiphoid process of the sternum, nipples) and allows you to practice the skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The head of the simulator-dummy is made of a homogeneous material (PVC-plastisol) and it is one whole (without joints, components, and without connecting seams).

The simulator-dummy allows students, cadets or employees of enterprises acquire knowledge of first aid and practice the skills necessary for the next set of resuscitation measures:

  • diagnosis of the condition of the victim (determination of the condition of the pupils is controlled by the instructor);
  • performing indirect heart massage;
  • mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-nose artificial ventilation»;
  • applying tourniquets and bandages;
  • transport of the victim.

Control over the correct implementation of resuscitation measures is carried out by the teacher.


  • Manikin;
  • replaceable face mask (5 pcs.)
  • waist belt;
  • sanitary napkin (100 pcs.);
  • set of clothes(turtleneck, trousers, shoes};
  • product passport.

Dimensions, mm:
1720 x 560 x 250

Weight, kg: