Simulator-dummy for CPR training “Max-01”

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Simulator-dummy for CPR training “Max-01”

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Simulator-dummy simulates the human body (torso, head, imitation of the cervical spine, chest, xiphoid process sternum) and allows you to practice the skills of conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The dummy is equipped with a system of sensors and devices for simulating the processes of human life activity that are diagnosed in the field, and light and sound indication is implemented to control the correctness of resuscitation measures.

The head of the simulator-dummy is made of a homogeneous material (PVC-plastisol) and is one whole (without joints, components and without connecting seams).

There are two modes of operation: adult and child.

The possibility of carrying out a complex of resuscitation measures:

  • condition diagnostics;
  • preparation for resuscitation measures;
  • performing indirect heart massage;
  • performing artificial ventilation of the lungs by means of “from the mouth in the mouth” and “from the mouth to the nose”.

The simulator-dummy is designed to equip medical training classes and centers, life safety offices and allows you to conduct training in the conditions of, close to real thanks to high-quality imitation of human anatomy and the structure of the upper respiratory tract. It can be used in combination with the “Set of simulators of wounds and injuries” (purchased separately) to practice first aid skills.

Package contents:

  • Mannequin;
  • sanitary napkins for artificial lung ventilation (100 pcs.);
  • transport bag;
  • polyurethane foam mat;
  • jumper (turtleneck);
  • waist belt;
  • power supply-5V or AA batteries (4 pcs.);
  • First Aid kit;
  • product data sheet;
  • user manual;
  • methodological recommendations.

Dimensions, mm:
810 x 370 x 250

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