Robot simulator for CPR practicing “Roman-03”

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Robot simulator for CPR practicing “Roman-03”

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The simulator is an imitation of the body of an adult man and is designed to teach how to provide first aid. The design of the simulator imitates the basic anatomical landmarks and features of the human body, such as:

  • man’s height;
  • head tilt;
  • flexion of the limbs in the joints;
  • xiphoid process of the sternum;
  • breast nipples;
  • the facial mask is made of synthetic material of flesh-colored imitating human skin;
  • realistic false silicone wound and damage simulators.

The robot simulator allows you to carry out the following medical activities related to first aid:

  • diagnosis of the condition of the victim;
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  • first aid for bleeding, burns, fractures;
  • immobilization of limbs;
  • transportation of the victim.

Practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques provides five main modes:

  • Mode “Training and demonstration;
  • Resuscitation by one rescuer (2-15);
  • Resuscitation by two rescuers (1-5);
  • Resuscitation mode (2-30);
  • Resuscitation regimen (30-2) recommended by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC).

For training, and to maximize the assessment of the effectiveness of acquired skills, an additional “Expert” mode has been introduced, which allows for CPR without visualizing the actions performed, followed by issuing an opinion on the progress of the exercise.

The simulator is equipped with a set of electronic training and testing tools as part of:

1) Wall board displaying the correctness of medical measures;

2) A tablet for controlling the operation of a robot simulator connected via a wireless communication channel;

3) Electronic testing module.

Software on the tablet computer to test the knowledge and skills of first aid.

The electronic testing module with replaceable cards has two operating modes: “Training” and “Control”.

It is possible to work out events in the following cases:

  • electric shock;
  • chemical burns to the face, eyes and body;

List equipment on a single order:

  1. Full-height training mannequin;
  2. Wall board;
  3. Electronic testing module;
  4. Set of replaceable cards for the testing module;
  5. Tablet computer with software;
  6. Polyethylene foam mat;
  7. Power supply 12V;
  8. USB-cable;
  9. Transport bag;
  10. First-aid kit;
  11. Set of color markers;
  12. Liquid for marker boards;
  13. A set of clothes (turtleneck, pants, shoes);
  14. Lap belt;
  15. Set of fasteners.


  1. Passport.
  2. Methodological recommendations.

ABS, polyvinylchloride, polyurethane, polyurethane-based plastic

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